The best down under, your feet – Christian Kimber

We rarely showcase brands at A&H, that we do not absolutely love. Christian Kimber is one of these brands. Just to show how small the Internet is, I stumbled upon his Tumblr about a year ago, and being the menswear enthusiast, I just couldn’t say no. I wanted more. His look was just so casual but adversely smart and formal, in a sense. I did some more digging, and what I found at the other end of the earth, was a man, not much older than I, churning out some great footwear. I’ll let you in a secret, I have a shoe problem. My problem being I don’t have enough of them. My girlfriend wouldn’t agree. She stares at me blankly as I fill another closet with my seasons rotating wardrobe; yes, I have seasonal footwear. Kimber’s desert boot was just too good not to fantasize about. Goodyear welted in Spain, and in the most offbeat colors. Oh, let us not forget the tassel loafers in the same array of color schemes. With all that being the focus of my attention, I wanted to know more about him. Who was this guy in Australia looking cooler than some native Italians, in Italy? So I asked. This is a small excerpt from our conversation.

“I think the main driving force for me is my passion for shoes and menswear, growing up in the UK, I was always obsessed with style and especially footwear. I think, I am mostly influenced by my father, who is a very elegant man. I used to look into his cupboard and see all his shoes in a row. I used to collect his cashmere coat when he came in the evening, it hang up and brush it down. I have found myself reading and learning as much as I can ever since. Back in London I was working in footwear production off Savile Row and in fashion buying before that – I have no official training as a designer. I design for myself, what I want to wear of what I can see my sartorially inclined friends in. I take inspiration from a lot, for instance my first collection was photographed by the beach as this was where I discovered the color palate for the range; I chose my logo color from the rich Australian mud. Architecture plays a big role too, as you’ll see in the accessories arriving next month from Florence. I decided to launch my brand while in London, but moving to Melbourne with my girlfriend in Jan 2011, I discovered Melbourne is the perfect place for me. Small businesses and designers are really celebrated and the response to my first collection has been absolutely amazing. For the most part though, I want to get guys into cool shoes which are a great value for money.”

Come on, this guy used Australian mud as the color pallet for his logo. Needless to say, Christian, you are a gem.

Don’t say we didn’t give you the warning, this stuff will be hard to get sooner than later.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large