The debut of Kevin Seah Online

Kevin Seah tailor

Our friend and Singapore’s best bespoke tailor Kevin Seah, debuted his online portal today!  We spoke with Kevin a few months back and have truly come to appreciate this craftsman’s work. I remember asking months ago when the States would be privy to the opportunity to purchase his work and that day has finally come.

Kevin Seah Online was conceptualized not as a commercial platform, but rather, primarily as a means of curating and showcasing the talents of independent artisans from around the world, and sharing our own passion for menswear with our non-Singaporean friends. It is, and will always remain a work-in-progress: for we believe that to be the true nature of our craft. We hope that you will enjoy your experience. – Kevin Seah



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.