Editor’s Pick- Denim Roundup

If your jeans could tell a story, what would it tell? Your favorite pair tell their own story with you in the front seat, literally. From the good and bad times, your jeans were right there with you. You might not have taken them off for months straight because you wanted to break them in so perfectly that you had to wear them day in and day out without washing them, there always seems to be a great story. They might only come out on the weekends when you are hanging out with your friends at the local coffee shop or bar, hell this might be the same bar that you met your girlfriend at, there again lies a story. Your favorite pair of denim can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time but these are something that you always run back to and put on, so what does your favorite pair of denim say about you? From the all around respected Levi’s, to the luxury Dior Denim, and to some great selvedge brands, our editors came together to bring a great list of some of their favorite jeans to date:


Levis 501

For the guys out there on a tighter budget when it comes to buying denim, Levi’s has had your back since Millard Fillmore was POTUS. Not just because of the fair price/quality ratio, but also because all men are not proportioned equally. 501, 508, 510, 511, 513—all cut uniquely and available in washes from “Dad at the hardware store” to “Guy named Atticus at the underground metal concert.” Yeah, we know, you like to stay up on the latest Japanese selvedge just imported from Kojima, Okayama—but is your rent due? And have you still not Venmo’d Ray back for brunch last weekend? Go try on some Levi’s.


Dior Jeans

These Dior jeans are the oldest thing I own. They are also one of the best things I own.They’ve been passed down 3 times, and I’m at the tail end of the list. First guy who wore them took them into the ocean on a drunken wonder to the beach. Safe to say they have a good backstory. In terms of actual denim, they literally eclipse everything in my closet from comfort, to aesthetic and overall ability to take abuse. As you can see they’ve gone through a war zone or two… but they just don’t give up. Good job Dior, keep the Japanese selvedge coming.


Lumina jeans

A love, hate relationship that took a couple of months to take that coveted  top spot of favorite denim, these Lumina Ayden Selvedge Denim fit perfectly and are still going strong 3 months without a wash. Rugged yet versatile pair of everyday jeans with the quality of 100% Made in America products, The Lumina Ayden Selvedge Denim are perfect for just about any occasion.  Sourcing the raw stock denim from Cone Denim’s White Oak Mill in Greensboro, North Carolina these are a proud all American pair of Denim.

 Suitsupply x Baldwin Denim

Baldwin Denim SuitSupply

Collaborations are always a great way to test the creative limits of anyone involved. Suitsupply, being the experts on sourcing, teamed up with the denim greats at Kansas City based Baldwin Denim. Slim fit and a mid rise. These jeans are pretty great for most everything. Pictures via Suitsupply.com 

Raleigh Denim


A pair of selvedge denim crafted the old school way, handmade, through a team of non-automated jeansmiths. Designed and crafted in the Raleigh, North Carolina workshop, the Martin Broken Twill Raw are a great pair of broken in tapered denim that will be give your other favorite pair of jeans a run for their money. Raleigh Denim wants to create the ideal pair of denim and  the Martin Broken Twill Raw are definitely a perfect example of the craftsmanship and hard-work that goes into creating that ideal pair of denim.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.