The Editor’s Kit -Part 1

I do a fare bit of travelling in my time as an editor. I mean, it’s not all glam and a dreamy jet setting lifestyle some envision. From lost luggage, cramped leg room, awful food… really, I’m just scratching the surface here. With all the inconveniences of globe trotting you learn how to avoid them as best as you can. This is how the idea of the Editor’s Kit came about. People really had no clue how I could pack  all my belongings into a carry on Tumi case, a Ghurka garment bag and a Filson tote… yes, even to Italy! I would say that a good majority of travelling issues stem from poor luggage management. It’s not a real term or anything, but if you really think about it, dealing with all the stuff you bring along with you takes some care and attention, it’s almost an art. Pardon the pun, but a tightly edited grouping of your goods can make all the difference… not to mention what you’re actually packing. Here is the first installment of my Kit, and hopefully you too can garner some sort of learning from it.

Part 1 – The bare essentials

I rarely check luggage, like ever. The idea is appalling to me, partly because I’ve lost a few good suits in the process. I’ve fortunate enough to get this pretty sturdy nylon garment bag from Ghurka a great Heritage Company, who knows exactly what they are doing. Listen, most of my friends tell me ol’ trick of folding your suit jackets inside out, laying them into the luggage and all that jazz, well I don’t have the room for it. A good garment bag really just allows me to bring my clothes on the plane with me, including my shirts and trousers.

The remainder, like my underwear, socks and toiletries are all kept in my carry on hardcase. These are things I really don’t mind losing, and are also not as difficult to replace compared to my tailored clothing.

For a week long trip, I stick to one rule: pack as light as possible. By that I mean, a couple suits, 5 white button down shirts, 2 sport shirts (various patterns), 1 pair grey trousers, 1 pair blue trousers (in the winter I switch this out for cords) and a select few ties and pocket squares. In terms of footwear, I’ve been partial to boots as of late, so on this trip I’ve packed my Kimber Oolong Gunpowder chukkas, Angel Bespoke brown snuff suede chukkas and my light brown Peal and Co’ chukkas.

Want to know more? Check in next month for Part 2 of the series.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large