The One Reason You’re Not Traveling

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The best things in life are free. Great, I guess everyone by default becomes privy to them; maybe not. Maybe the best things you can get aren’t things at all. How about experiences? They (no idea who they are) say that you are made up of your experiences. Just as a building is constructed, brick by brick, and layer atop layer. Everyone is in the same race, building up their dreams. You see all of these people living the life just traveling all over the world and you think to yourself, why am I not doing that? They most likely quit a high paying job to travel the world on their own with no thought of ever returning to that 9-5 desk gig wishing they’d win some trip or cruise around the world. 

If you then build your whole life on free experiences, what worth do you then hold? I’m not so full of false pride that I refute the notion of ‘free’ anything. You’re reading the words of someone who is first in the self-professed frugal religion. Whatever the hell that means. In that same breath, I would refuse spending money on travel; I saw no use for it, until I took a flight out across the world. I met people so poor yet filled with complete contentment with their lives. I painstakingly took close note of our differences. A simple lesson, on both ends of a spectrum constructed by experience, that I could not have received had I not spent a little money. Maybe I would have bought some shoes and a new suit. I bought some value instead. Ironic isn’t it?



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.