The Perfect Sunglasses with Warby Parker

Putting something on your face isn’t something that comes with ease or comfort. It’s rather off-putting at times, actually. Until you find that perfect mesh of style and aesthetic reaffirmation of cool, we highly doubt you’ll be sticking sunglasses on your noggin any time soon. But then Warby Parker  comes in and changed the landscape of eyewear. We’re not exaggerating here when we say they have become THE upper echelon of eye protection. Our in house Art Director Cameron Knight of 10Leaves decided to pay a bit of tribute to the team over at Warby, with some phenomenal illustrations of their latest models. Hats tipped to you all.

Everyone’s facial structure is different which means not all sunglasses look good on everyone. Each unique facial structure requires a sunglass that fits with their face and compliment’s their features perfectly. Be sure you get the correct sunglass for your face this summer and don’t be that guy with the Stunna Shades on that are way too big for his face, be the guy chilling at the beach with the great pair of Warby Parker Thatcher sunglasses. Read on to see what we chose as the best sunglasses from Warby Parker that fit each unique face type perfectly:


Warby 2


Squared Face: Warby Parker Ames Graphite Fog.

Warby 1


Oval Shaped Face: Warby Parker Downing Striped Sassafras.

Warby 3

Round Face: Warby Parker Winston Old Fashion Fade

Warby 4

Heart Shaped Face: Warby Parker Felton Striped Maple



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.