The Portrait Series: Hard Knock Life

Every month our special projects photographer, Neil Watson, brings you beautiful stills from people that influence his work. This series consists of people you may or may not know. Understand them and see the intrinsic value in the photographs themselves, because these moments are aimed to transport the viewer into a world behind the lens. A&H presents the Portrait Series.

This month, I had the chance to catch up with my good friend Bernard Manarin, owner of NTHNG , before he left for a month long journey to South Asia, where he will be developing his next collection. If you remember I introduced Bernard some time ago, the interview can be found HERE. We sat in his church, where he told me a story about losing faith and love. Unburdened by his issues, we also decided to visit one of the places in his neighborhood where he was robbed. That moment too spoke volumes on who he was as a designer. He explained it like this:

You have people who take from you, literally take your shit… but you know what, f*ck that, we re-up and come back stronger than ever.”

I asked him if his new collection would be as dark and emotionally filled as the first. Funny enough, he couldn’t really tell me. Bernard is looking for new ideas but all the while keeping true to his roots by allowing his experiences to shape each piece; literally. It’s art, and those who can relate, see past clothing, they see the collection as true story, one that Bernard will be telling for some time to come.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large