The Portrait Series: Vice, Virtue, Love and Heartbreak


Every month our special projects photographer, Neil Watson, brings you beautiful stills from people that influence his work. This series consists of people you may or may not know. We invite you to understand them and see the intrinsic value in the photographs themselves, because these moments are aimed to transport the viewer into a world behind the lens. A&H presents the Portrait Series.

This month, I met up with Theodor J. Usually, I’d give you readers a description of what my subject does, but Theo does a lot of everything, literally, he’s an entrepreneur at heart. He invited me to his new place, this crazy, almost hidden, hard loft in an industrial area of downtown Toronto. I’m unsure of the square footage, but this place was massive, and the lighting… Oh man, the lighting was perfect! Since last I saw or spoke to him, he was going through some personal stuff and every day was something new. The thing about Theo that I’ve always admired was his ability to turn anything negative into something useful; he called them experiences, not problems.

“Everything is an experience, you know? It’s a blessing to learn new things in whatever situation or circumstance.”

Indeed it is. Which got me to thinking about my own frustrations with things;  the vices I used to cope with them (drinking and smoking to name a few). It was this constant dichotomy between good and bad, and the balancing act I tried to use to make it all work. Each photo represents that part of our experiences, from our vices, to the loathing and heartache that comes thereafter. I look forward to seeing him again soon. He’s always got the best stories to tell, and of course a few lessons in between them.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large