The Regent 1609 AD by Backes & Strauss

Luxury is, perhaps, the only inevitability of wealth. Screens in picture houses this month are serving to remind us of the corruptibility of wealth, the tragedy it can cause in its restless fragility. Luxury, nevertheless, is inseparable from it, just the same as it is inseparable from London diamond masters and watchmakers Backes & Strauss. Take this regal ensemble of 18 carat White Gold, 64 Baguette diamonds in the case, 17 Ideal-Cut diamonds on the dial, and the jewel in this piece’s crown –the single diamond place in the crown of the watch. All this makes up the limited edition Regent 1609 AD. Embrace excess and find this watch all over the world.




Tom W. Ayling

London Editor for A&H, Tom Ayling studies Literature in the ancient Scottish town of St Andrews and blogs on The Holy Trillity.