The Stay: My New York Apartment, Langham Place Fifth Avenue

Langham view

New York, oh New York: this stifling place. Even in the bitter January cold the sweltering heat of confinement descends on you in waves as you    trek through the crammed & bustling streets. Didn’t E.B. White liken the feeling to eighteen inches being both the connection and separation the city provided its inhabitants? It has this weird way of blending the gift of privacy with the excitement of participation as there is always something compelling happening and one must always be apart of the action. To me, it’s this enchanting facade of being a part and apart all at once.

The Stay13

The Stay12

Looking down below from the 26th floor of my apartment between 36th/37th on 5th, I feel a sense of relief; escapism at its best. I’m new here. New to the city, and my new dwellings which acts as my refuge for the weekend. This place albeit away from it all, is just like like White said: close enough to be far but not far enough to overwhelmed. Call it a contrasting perspective; the warmth from the wood grain and cold steel furnishings around me. The light from the lamps dancing on the walls like a crackling fire. Exhale. I watch my breath cloud the glass and suddenly, I’m back to the city, reminded of the cold outside.

The Stay17

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The Stay15

Langham Place Fifth Avenue is my new home, for now. As I whisk past the doorman, I’m struck by the sweet smell of flowers and  warm welcome from the concierge to my right. I catch myself in the mirror adjacent to the elevator and unwrap my scarf with a subtle sigh of relief as I walk into the elevator. I feel at home. Swapping my snuff suede boots for the soft and luxurious house slippers, I dive into the plush couch and take in the view from my living room. My mouth is parched and eager for the taste of fine bourbon. Hanging my jacket in the life sized closet, I notice the button ready to abandon the others on the sleeve, and then I remember the set of needle and thread in the next room. I return to the living room and look to the kitchen. As I stare at the light cascading over the stove top, I’m reminded of a great meal I made the night before, and in that very moment… I am at home, in my New York Apartment. Refer to L’Barza Apartments Shepparton to choose your new home.




Neil Watson

Editor At Large