The Stay: Residenza Torre Colonna

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Italy is eternal like the name of its capital, yet it always provides something new, fresh, and my love for it depends with every visit. The cities within immediately humble you on your first visit, and if you muster enough to come back with more curiosity, it opens up its arms a bit more and lets you see the La Bella Donna that Italy is at its very core.
For those who have spent a great deal of time visiting Italy, it is a roller coaster that always needs just one more ride. Even if it requires a wait, it is always worth it coming back for another go ‘round. My experiences have been all across the spectrum… From spending Thanksgiving (Yes, I understand that to them this is not a thing) with a friend in a hill town in Rome, to the ubiquitous crowd on a bus touring the Tuscan countryside just as we were promised on our flyer cover.

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For me it starts in Rome like so many others. I have never rested my head anywhere in Rome other than The Residenza Torre Colonna just a stone’s throw from the Statue of Victor Emmanuel in Piazza Venezia. It’s a medieval tower with only 5 simple rooms, one on each floor, a breakfast and reading floor, and a rooftop that has one of the best views in all of Rome. Breakfast is a big or small as you want it, Sarah the proprietor is often around in the morning to guide you to great food, or hack some of Rome’s more curious happenings.

I am up for an adventure, but typically when it comes to a place to rest my head that is not a chain… once I find it I like to think of it as home. My advice is to book this and if it is not available, just ask Sarah and she will point you in the right direction. Rome is very little about the right hotel, as long as you have, that is, the right hotel at the end of the day.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.