The Want to Slightly Travel

While in high school in New Orleans, Louisiana, the thought of getting away always arose in the back of my mind. In my tenth grade year, that thought presented itself every single day—I remember perfectly. The cause to want to get away from my current surroundings at the time wasn’t because of any trouble or rebellion, I was simply curious of what the world had to offer outside of the 504 area code I knew all too well. With anything, it is important to take baby steps, so I began by seeking a new land in the U.S. to explore. Soon enough, I had found it: New York.

Most of the time, I have a tendency to take an all-or-nothing approach to situations…along with my faith. This all-or-nothing approach led me to apply to colleges only located in New York. I didn’t think about running the idea by my parents (who indeed would have to fund me), the consequences of not getting accepted to any colleges in New York, nor did I think about if I would like the destination I was anxious to move to. What triggered my burning desire to slightly travel and get away from my surroundings was the hunger for a fresh start—a new lifestyle.

This new lifestyle, one I’ve yet to define (due to a matter of still discovering what it specifically is), caused me to create two main goals. The first was finding a way to explore New York and discovering ways to truly appreciate the culture…taking on everyday life and all the new experiences I’d be exposed to. So far, this experience has been grandiose. I’ve come across memorable characters, met people that have dropped exquisite knowledge I’ll forever remember, connected with fantastic friends, and created moments with them I will never forget. Most of all, I’m pursuing an education I’ve grown to favor. This journey continues.

Though it continues, it doesn’t end there. The second goal I wrote down was to move to Italy once I felt comfortable and financially successful. I’ve always been a firm believer in the saying, “With God, all things are possible.” I live by it and it inspires me to keep going. While I’m currently pursuing smaller goals that require me to accomplish a few personal tasks based in New York City, these miniscule wins will build momentum for me to make what will be the biggest move of my life. I’ve grown to covet the culture, the language (which I’m wisely getting a head start on learning as I’ll need to know it to converse with the locals), and the idea of living a fulfilled life somewhere along an Italian countryside in my solitude.

The idea of being able to travel is a blessing, and I truly believe everyone should consider stepping out of their comfort zone to experience a different world, a different way of living, a different experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Traveling doesn’t have to be too far away if you’d like to start small. Start with a state you’ve always wanted to visit. Then think about going big. When I set out to move to New York, I took a huge leap of faith; my very first time there was with the majority of my belongings as I moved into my new living space. I plan on taking another leap of faith when the time comes to pack all of my belongings once more to move to Italy. Take a leap of faith and travel.