The Weekly Report Vol 3

We’re not Journalists here. Honestly, we don’t even really delve too deeply into subjects we don’t like. Why? Because everyone else has done it. However, in the world of mens clothing, we saw an opportunity to share bit and pieces of our conversations we have at the round table. Here is our weeks worth, welcome to The Report.

Creativity is your spirit

“Creativity is your spirit… it’s your heart” – Lee Daniels | We’ve gone on record to say that we agreed with the late Picasso when he stated that we are all born artists. What if you had the potential to let that out, and yet, you never explored it? This short film from Liberatum tells the back story of that very journey into self discovery. In case you had doubts as to the grand scale of this project, the likes of James Franco, Hans Zimmer, and Joan Smalls make an appearance you won’t soon forget.


Here’s what to do with that Square

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 1.20.29 AM

So, you wanted to know how to fold a pocket square? Well, we could show you ourselves, but Andreas Weinas beat us to the punch in King Magazine’s Manual series. Yeah, it’s not in English, but does it matter when all you really need is a visual guide? Check it out and learn from one of the best dressed guys in the game.


Time is of the Essence

We all try and maximize our time. In this world where information and working with it move at a blinding speed, how do we keep up? Time Magazine looked into the whole thing and to be honest, slow down, take a read and perhaps you too can master the art of productivity.


 The only Summer Sneaker


We’re not pundits of sneaker wearing. Actually, we kind of avoid the topic altogether. But hey, our Editors actually wear the hell out of them. When we do, they have to be sleek, classic and understated. A Collected Gent gave us a bit of a preview into Tretorn’s Nylite Canvas shoe. We’ll admit, we kind of like them, and by kind of we mean love them.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.