Things We Like: The Hook & Albert Weekender

Traveling is great. It’s one of the greatest liberties we have in this life. Packing is not so great. It is so hard to pack the perfect suitcase for your trip, either you overpack or you forget some of the essentials like a bathing suit on a beach vacation (guilty as charged). Menswear guys feel my pain as well, you always want to look nice wherever you are so you tend to put too much into your suitcase. The struggle is fitting a suit or blazer with all your weekend essentials like a pair of Belgian loafers, some linen pants, and your cutaway collar shirts, all while avoiding the dreaded checked in bag fee. The good people at Hook & Albert have created something that will make you even more excited for that next weekend getaway, the Garment Weekender Duffle Bag.

Hook and Albert weekender Hook and Albert weekender


Not only is this a decently sized Weekender bag to carry everything you need for the trip, it is also a garment bag. Yes, you heard that right a garment bag built into your Weekender. Unzip both ends of the bag and let it fold out and you have yourself a garment bag that can fit your suit, a couple shirts, and an extra blazer. Zip it up the middle to enclose your suits and re-zip the ends and you have yourself a Weekender again, complete with enough space for everything you were planning on packing with less hassle. The inside of the bag is complete with a zippered tie pouch and a couple extra zip pockets for your pocket squares and sunglasses. The exterior is just as nice. I opted for the waxed canvas in olive green or you could choose the leather option if you that suits you better.  Strolling through the airport with one of the most versatile and stylish bag’s you can get on the market right now will make traveling that much better.

Hook and Albert bags Hook and Albert bags Hook and Albert bags

No need to worry about checking this bag in for your flight because it fits all International and Domestic guidelines for a carry-on. Getting away for the weekend has never been more easy to pack for. One of the worst possible things about traveling is the possibility of your luggage not making it to your destination with you or the worst outcome possible is they lose it completely. Yes, both have happened to me which sets your vacation off on a rocky start but with the Hook & Albert Garment Weekender you won’t ever need to worry about that again.

Hook and Albert weekender Hook and Albert weekender



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.