Time To Bag Your Jansport

It’s a defining moment in a man’s life: when he takes the Fall Out Boy buttons off, and the old econ quizzes out of his high school backpack, and starts looking to upgrade. Chris Brown once said, “There’s never a right time to say goodbye,” but much like most anything Brown says or does, this is wrong. The time to say goodbye to the bag that carried your books and hello to the bag that carries your portfolio is now.

Here, we’ll give you a little push now that the training wheels are off. Ghurka’s new Norwalk Collection is a smooth transition into the world of accessories people will ask you about. Get ready for a ton of, “where did you get that?”

Weekend trip, daily commute, gym sesh—Ghurka has your back here with some solid, simple and on-trend styles of duffel bags, totes, backpacks and dopp kits (stop using the Ziploc bag to transport your toothbrush, bros!).

Military-grade herringbone twill and walnut leather combine elegance and style with that military vibe that is here to stay in menswear trends. Double canvas lining will protect the goods, too, so go ahead and toss it in your locker at the gym and don’t quiver when they make you gate check the duffle on the single-prop you’re taking to Williamsburg, Va.

Our pick for MVP of the collection is the Cargo II Duffel. Multi-purpose, minimalistic and downright dope. Use it for that weekend trip to the Big Apple or to the gym on the day you know the cut girl will be at the treadmill right by the locker room.

See the full collection from Ghurka at http://www.ghurka.com



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.