Timepiece Talks with Dubey & Schaldenbrand

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At first glance, you can recognize the quality of a Dubey & Schaldenbrand watch. We had the chance to speak with their US brand manager, Christopher Daaboul, for some insight behind the brand.

A&H: The name Dubey & Schaldenbrand is quite unique for a watch brand. Can you give us a brief history to origin of the name?

CD: D&S was founded in 1946 by two childhood friends, Georges Dubey and Renée Schaldenbrand. It was more of a childhood dream than a business concept. Georges Dubey was a pioneer watchmaker and inventor of the index-mobile for the split-seconds flyback chronograph, a remarkable achievement in the industry at that time. Renée Schaldenbrand was the industrialist, allowing for this wonderful partnership to flourish.

A&H: How does Dubey & Schaldenbrand establish an identity in the luxury watch market?

CD: Dubey & Schaldenbrand is in a category all on its own. Firstly, in an age where big groups dominate the watch industry, D&S is completely independently owned by the Gil family and operates from a state of the art manufacturing facility in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. We have vertically integrated production for about 90% of our timepieces, reducing the reliance on suppliers, and we have enhanced our credibility through our case and dial manufacturing facility.

Secondly, our timepieces are incredibly unique in their design and makeup. We are currently incorporating traditional watchmaking methods with state of the art technologies such as the Côte De Genève treatment on the Grand Shar Dial, the patented alloy for the Titanium Tantalum tourbillon case, and hand engraving by the finest artisans in La Chaux de Fonds for the Artisans Xtrème. We are truly bridging the gap of traditional watchmaking with the technologies of tomorrow.

Lastly, when a customer leaves a boutique with a D&S on his/her wrist, they can feel confident that they are wearing one of only 1500 pieces manufactured in 2014, and we don’t plan on exceeding 3500 a year in the next 5 years. Our limited edition pieces are simply exclusive.

A&H: We see a lot of watches with their floating parts, tourbillion, and the like. Does Dubey & Schaldenbrand plan to release anything of that design to compete with other brands or will they be sticking to their traditions?

CD: Not only have we released our exceptional tourbillon in Stainless steel, Rose Gold, and Grey Gold, but we’ve also developed a patented Titanium Tantalum alloy with a gold dusted index for our most recent Haute Horlogerie piece.

A&H: What does Dubey & Schaldenbrand have next for the watch collectors of the world?

CD: Stay tuned to news from BaselWorld 2014 as we are working on a limited edition timepiece combining the realms of Haute Horlogerie and Haute Joaillerie, with only three pieces available worldwide.



Christopher Crossley

Founder of Modern Connoisseur. Reporting from Trinidad and Tobago. Advocate of a bon vivant lifestyle.