One thing that will make traveling a lot easier

What’s the most essential thing to make traveling a breeze? Comfy shoes. Ones that can slip off easily when going through security but are also comfortable enough to run gate to gate to catch your flight that boarded 10 minutes ago.When thinking of the perfect shoe to travel in the first things to come to mind are loafers. Especially during the summer loafers are a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. Versatile enough to be worn with a casual suit, a pair of jeans, or even shorts and a popover when your heading to the beach.

L'Bardi British Racing Green Driving Shoes

Before heading to Pitti Uomo this past June, I did some research to find the perfect travel shoe and I found them, L’Bardi Driving Loafers. Completely made in Italy, these loafers are not just comfy they are very stylish as well. One of the most versatile pairs of shoes that you will have in your closet because these shoes can go from the boardroom to the beach or the plane to the cobblestone streets of Italy. You have two options of the highest quality materials for you pair of loafers, suede or pebble grain leather. A wise choice either way, these will be your go to shoes when you are traveling or just a casual workday at the office. Much like any piece of menswear that is made in Italy, there is no detail spared when creating each and every pair of these hand-stitched Driving Loafers.

Having the right pair of shoes, L’Bardi Driving Loafers,  on my long journey to Firenze which spanned 2 stops in different states and 2 different countries. Traveling from Pittsburgh to Newark to Oslo to Rome and then finally boarding a train to Firenze, I had to make sure I had a pair of shoes that can withstand that journey. The signature L’Bardi pebble sole made the walk that much easier and that much more comfy.  Walking through the cobblestone streets of Trastevere, Roma to hiking up to the top of the Boboli Gardens, Firenze my feet always felt great. Make sure you make the right choice because your shoes can either make your trip miserable or make it memorable, so choose wisely and grab yourself a pair of L’Bardi Driving Loafers.

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L'Bardi British Racing Green Driving Shoes

L'Bardi Chocolate Brown Suede Driving Loafers



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.