Trend Analysis: The Bolo Tie

Supposedly Phillip Rivers thought they brought him some sort of luck, and GQ places it in the “yet to peak” portion of the trend wave, but seriously, take a look in the mirror. Do you see a bolo tie being around your neck in the next six months?


You’re more likely to see someone wearing one of these at a real-life rodeo than at Fashion Week, but nonetheless, there are a strong group of influencers, including the aforementioned athlete, GQ’s Mark Anthony Green and even Macklemore, who are suiting up and strapping into the “trend.” So before it goes to far, what’s our verdict on it?

The bottom line is, that from time to time trends will make their way through the menswear world that have promise, that are worth investing in (see: wayfarer, camouflage, going sockless), and others that aren’t worth the Google search in finding out how to pull it off.

Take it from us, young trendsetter. Leave the bolo ties on the shelves of wherever it is you might be able to find one of these, and start thinking about ways you can upgrade your already evolving uniform.

Have you worn a jacket without a pocket square lately?  Worn the black belt with brown shoes because “no one can see the belt anyway?”

Worry not about how to adapt to the bolo trend, sir. Here are a few other options that’ll turn heads, and have the people who follow closely say, “he’s paying attention.”

1. Camouflage: I mentioned it above, and it’s easy to implement. Do it as subtle as you can imagine. A skinny tie, a pocket square, socks a watch strap—that’s all you need. Try a Logan Zane Camo Nato Strap.

Nato 3

2. Sneakers, dressed up: Wearing a suit to a business casual workplace? Don’t necessarily have a meeting today? Show your steez and throw on a pair of white tennis shoes—try Converse Jack Purcell’s—this spring.

Bolo 1

3. Dress shirt, popped collar—not just for bros: Take a look back at some of the Pitti Uomo street style photos we featured HERE. Of recent, you’ll notice guys in turtlenecks with their dress shirts’ collars popped underneath. Seems very euro, which is true, but I bet you’d be the first guy in your circle to bring it to fruition.

Go on, it feels good to be that guy.





Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.