Uncover your Passion – U-ology 101

I talk about following your passion achieving your goals alot here at  Art-n-Hustle, so it’s such a pleasure to meet people that are just doing that. A week or so ago I had the privilege of being in a imeet meeting with Marcus Troy,  he introduced myself and others to Jesse Jones. Jesse Jones is a branding and marketing guru and has worked with such companies as Timex Group Canada Inc. Where his role included taking on all Brand Management responsibilities for three of the company’s licensed fashion watch brands; TX, Marc Ecko, and Nautica Watches. Recently, Jesse has started U-ology 101, which is a motivational address given by the 29-year-old marketer and entrepreneur. His desire is to carry his message to the youth of today and provide them with real tools to staying on the right track. In today’s world there are many distractions for our youth that can unfortunately lead too many of them astray.

Having the opportunity to speak with Jesse privately, we share alot of the same passions and desires to inspire the youth among us. Hopefully in the very near future we will be bringing you something special. In the mean time take a few minutes and watch the film below to learn more about U-ology 101.

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