Unregistered Agreement Case Laws

… Respondent/Plaintiff was not entitled to sell a specific benefit decree on the basis of the unregant agreement, Ex.P1?2) If the findings of the… was adopted in this case:”Heard.An action for certain benefits was ordered for sale on the basis of an unregord agreement. Qualified advice appears for the… The USSR Committee asked the Commission to provide information and information services on the services of the Office of Information and State Affairs. Qualified advice for … “1. A document to be registered, if not registered, is not admissible as evidence under Section 49 of the Registration Act. The Supreme Court considered whether the verdict in the SMS Tea Estates case existed even after Section 11 (6-A) was included in the statute. The amendment was kicked off with the 246th Commission report (report) which recommended the section. … in such a case, such a document, which is an unregord sales agreement, can still be stripped of the exemption from the special benefit. In other words, even if…

The sales agreement should have been registered, but is not registered, the condition of section 49 of the registration law… the specific execution of the sales agreements, to the extent that the action relating to certain services for the registration and stamp of the agreements of … For the benefit of a detained person, that is, an agreement providing for a partial benefit, a sale agreement, as by Se… for sale. A relevant excerpt from the reference decision reads: “However, given that there is a conflict over the legal situation, the question of whether the complaint is at issue for some … Gurbachan Singh… v. Raghubir Singh…. (see above), this is the case where a sale agreement with surrender of the property is inadmissible as proof if it is not again… 8.

The Supreme Court of Hon`ble has ruled that if an unregant document is presented as evidence, it is not evidence of a sale, but proof of a sale agreement that can be obtained as evidence that it will only be received as evidence of a verbal sale agreement pursuant to Section 49 of the 1908 Act. The Aund`ble Apex Court added that the admission of an unregistered sale, which the Court issued in such cases, was consistent with the reserve condition set out in Section 49 of the 1908 Act. … However, in accordance with Section 17, paragraph 1, point a), of the Registration Act of 1908, this allegation is unrescribed, since an unregistered sales agreement … Arguing that an unregant agreement for sale may not be a basis for legal action for certain services, but with the utmost respect and humility towards the judge alone scholarly, I can not… as the basis for a legal action to obtain a certain benefit.