Vav Agreement

You will receive further instructions for payment of the down payment and the signing of the rental agreement if we offer you an apartment. In the event of a common law divorce or divorce, a court may designate the party with whom the lease is sued, regardless of who has signed it. In such a case, the court may release the other part of the debts from the residence`s tenancy agreement and order the party to withdraw from the apartment on pain of eviction. The VAV Group has the right to terminate a tenancy agreement without notice if the tenant neglects his tenancy obligation, illegally hands over the accommodation to another person who uses the dwelling for a reason mentioned in the rental agreement, authorizes behaviour in the dwelling that causes disruption or does not take good care of the apartment. We remind you that the tenant is also responsible for the behavior of his clients. Once you have agreed to rent the apartment offered to you, the lease is signed in the VAV office. Your spouse or other adult who moves in as an equal tenant must also sign the contract in person or with a power of attorney. You must also bring a receipt to prove that the down payment has been made. Be prepared to prove your identity with a valid identifier. But the simplest solution is for the parties to agree on which party will continue the lease. In this case, the demiread will in turn terminate the lease, after which his obligations arising from the lease will end in accordance with the usual one-month notice.

However, in the event of a divorce, it is not always possible to reach a consensus. In such cases, there is the aforementioned possibility of submitting the case to a court on request. You can announce it electronically by clicking on the link below. This requires electronic identification with your online banking details. Please note that both must register with the Service with their own banking information if the rental agreement is in the name of two people. Tenants can terminate the contract at the same time or independently. The publication form is in Finnish. The lease always expires on the last day of the following month. If the estate does not want to continue the rental agreement or if the person who rented the apartment with the tenant remains in the apartment, the estate must terminate the tenancy agreement as soon as possible in order to be free of the obligations under the tenancy agreement.