Venezia – Bianco e Nero via Worldly

Venezia in Bianco e Nero.  A visual story bringing you a black and white view of the beauty of Venezia.

Every time I get home from a trip, I look through my computer and just gaze through all the photohraphs. Especially this past summer when I visited Venezia, a place where every step is a photo worthy location, so yes my computer was filled to the brim with images. You travel all these crazy places around the world and take thousands of pictures, what do you do with all of them? You can only post so many to Facebook and Instagram before people get annoyed with you clogging up their feeds.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Fellow travelers and photographers, I have found a great platform that is conducive to the travel picture overload. Worldly is a place where world travelers can share their experiences through written stories as well as pictures that inspired them on their journey’s. Exploring new parts of the world has never been easier through fellow traveler’s lenses. Set your favorite locations as well as places that you want to see and you will relive some of the same memories or have the urge to go create your own when you travel to these great places. Connect with fellow travelers and you might learn some great trips when you are ready to book your next trip. So go out and take as many pictures as you want because you now have a welcoming place to post your visual stories,

Worldly right now is an invite only platform so if you are ready to share your story send me an email and I will invite you to join and explore.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.