We are all born artists

born artists

 We are all born artists, the problem is staying one when you grow up.”  – Pablo Picasso

[one_half padding=”0 20px 0 20px”]   This has been on my mind as of lately. I truly think society tries to drain each of us of the natural creativity we are born with. By the time we hit high school society has told you what you can and cannot do, what field of work you must go in to make a living; all of this between the ages of 14-18. Looking back, we were so young then. Why must our innocence be taken away at such a young age? Think about the innocent mind of small children. You remember when your parents would give you a pen and paper to shut you up. You would draw for hours and it would be nothing but scribbles on paper but in your mind it was an epic battle of two villages fighting it out over a Nintendo controller. Then, at some point, someone told you those lines weren’t accurate, people don’t look like that, that’s the wrong color for that. Rules started to come into play. People started to tell you your imagination was wrong. Why don’t we let people dream and imagine anymore? Why do we take away innocence? Why do we clip the wings of those that just want to fly? We put people into these boxes and categorize and quantify everything they do. [/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] Then set rules that they are required to follow. When we were children we had no rules, we had no worries and in our minds; the world was fair game. You could do anything you wanted to and be anything you wanted to be. As adults we start killing ourselves (figuratively speaking of course). We start setting limits on ourselves, We take away possibilities and in my opinion that is tantamount to taking life away. Really ask yourself, what is life without possibilities?

The possibility of failing. It’s always there. How much you try and overcome it, will never be enough. It’s like a cruel joke, a cold grip that scares you. Why one even thinks about failure is part of the issue. We are raised to be afraid. Raised to believe that there are ceilings made of glass, concrete and any inpentrable material you can conceive. What if we bread the idea of success just as we do eye color? What if we convinced ourselves that, despite ALL odds, we could do anything. This is imagination, the ability to conceive past reality. Past making sense.[/one_half_last]



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.