What I’m Reading: Kinfolk’s “The Idler”

Our newest segment, “What I’m Reading”, taps into the minds of some of our staff’s must reads.  This week, we had a quick chat with our Senior Fashion Director, Christoper Dam. Jump below for the full article. Kinfolk

Chris: Life’s hectic, busy, overwhelming etc.. Days come and go like clockwork. I do my best to keep up with the internet, but I’m quickly realizing that I just don’t have time (sorry Twitter).  Instagram seems to be the only social media that I use on the regular. Interesting enough, I’ve noticed a trend within the past few months. The art of “un-plugging”: mainly orchestrated by my fellow peers who live in big cities. Sean Hotchkiss, Justin Bridges, and Marc Moran seem to be stepping outside the hustle and the bustle and re-connecting with the beauty of nature and all its offerings. One of my favorite publications, Kinfolk Magazine, recently publish “The Idler”: a short essay on the act of idleness and contentment. It was a piece that I connected with on multiple levels.  To read the  full article, click here. Take a moment if you will, and visit our social media, you may just find something inspiring from us that will move you further.

Image: Kinfolk Magazine



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine