What to Watch at Pitti Uomo 85: The Overcoat

There are always a few poignant things you learn at fashion shows. Whether it be about design or ambiance and all the groundbreaking… whatever. It’s rather contrived and pointless at least to me, as it relates to helping my own personal style. An experience that I cherish the most, however, is being in the wild and really seeing what people are doing. You know, the subtle nuances you never really get from a runway or print ad but truly appreciate when you see it on real people.

Pitti Uomo is kind of a compromise, really. It’s part peacock fashion show and part, real life. Every year, and every season there are a slew of things, that are normal in Florence and subsequently make it to the trend boards back home in America. Now, I’m not one for trends, but from where I stand you pick up on a few things abroad that hit your radar. This January  I almost guarantee you’ll be seeing a ton of overcoats in all shades, colors and styles. I’m kind of being biased, given that I shoot much of what you see on the #menswear Internet scene après Pitti (Yes, humble photographer brag). That being said, we spoke with a good friend who just happens to run with the biggest English haberdasher of all time (sorry, we can’t name names here). He blessed us with his own personal list of outerwear he was excited about this year. Yeah, this is sort of the underground holly grail list of keeping warm this year, but just remember where you read it first.

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Ivy Knight

I’ll be writting in from time to time to give you guys a little perspective from the not-so-girly women’s side. Just think of me as the girl bestfriend that you can ask for advice and get the truth, not some fable from one of your homeboys. Feel free to ask me some questions and I’ll try my best to answer them.