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The scene could be straight out of a classic Bond film: a remote corner of Zermatt, Switzerland – 9,100ft above sea level – the Matterhorn is in full view. In the distance, a giant luminous silver crystal sits atop a glacier. This must be the hideaway of all Bond villain hideaways.

What looks like the secret laboratory of a conspiracy theorist’s dreams is in fact the latest mountain hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). Christened the Monte Rosa Hut, it is designed as a refuge for serious alpinists and the occasional architecture tourist. Accessible only by foot or helicopter, this alpine spaceship is a masterpiece in engineering and sustainable design that will set futurists’ hearts racing.

In order to reach the Monte Rosa Hut, you must channel your inner MI6 agent and traverse the Gorner Glacier, where the journey becomes the destination. Standing on top of a glacier, you encounter the colossal forces of nature at their most formidable. It is completely silent, apart from the loud groans of the moving ice, bringing to mind an immense white monster ready to swallow you up for all eternity. It is the mind blowing scale of this hostile terrain, where the climber is merely a diminutive ant entirely at nature’s mercy, that will capture your heart forever.




Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.