Why Wear a Watch?


Why do you even wear a watch anymore? That’s a question a lot of people seem to ponder especially with the technology that we are constantly attached to. To some wearing a watch has become obsolete because to them there is no need since they have a cellphone handy at all times. To others a watch is a lot more than just an accessory to tell the time. A watch is a work of art, all the way from the dial to the movements inside that make the watch tick.

The intricate detail that was put into each movement inside the watch really makes it an accessory unlike any other, only some people can appreciate the beauty that lies beneath the hands of time.  Finding that perfect watch is something that takes a great deal of time. It’s not a decision that you can make without doing research on the pieces that you are interested in. Learning what lies beneath the dial and what powers the watch is an important characteristic to me when picking out my next piece for my collection.

A company that values the importance of the watches that their customers put on their wrist is Patterned Boutique. They carefully select the best brands to offer you and keep your wallet in mind when doing so. Ditch the cell phone and get yourself a great timepiece so you can not only be on time but also look good at the same time.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.