Why Would We do it?

So, why a popup you ask? Why would a collective group of men from such contrasting backgrounds come together with the sole purpose of opening a store, for a day, in New York City? Well, honestly, some said we couldn’t and we kind of enjoy proving people wrong. For the past two and a half years our tight knit group of 5 have dedicated ourselves to piecing the Art and Hustle brand together. We’ve toyed with a few ideas about what our company wanted to accomplish, but only a few have ever stuck. We finally came to one conclusion- create real experiences.

It’s a strange world working in the digital space trying to convey ideas about lived experiences, yet all we can do is show them on a screen. So, we made a book which became the compendium of all the things we wanted to talk about in that digital space, but just could not squeeze into 300 word paragraphs online. We wanted to reach our core demographic, in which we could shake hands and not just tap out responses over a computer, so we hosted a meet and great during a stay in NYC. Well, we wanted to put together a shop made up of brands we truly loved, so instead of putting that online, we said “hey, can we open a store?” The answer a year later was resoundingly yes.

The path we’re setting out for ourselves is one that takes a lot of comfort in failure. We’ve championed the ideas of taking risks in our book, so to not follow through on those words seemed pretty empty. If you truly believe that doing something will effect positive change, then why not trust that it will work out in the end? We wanted to be the pundits for clothing’s extension of one’s lived experiences, so then a store only seemed like the most fitting mouthpiece for that conversation. Michael Moskowitz (former Chief Curator of Ebay) once said that out of all the billions of things on this planet, the things we choose to purchase are indicative of the people we are. A day in NYC, where that purchasing power is funnelled into one place, for a distinct period of time, at its core, is essentially creating the story around who we are as a brand and who are following is from that narrative.

In sum, who do you want to be? Someone just behind the computer screen, or someone setting the stage for their own story? If you feel like being the former, then carry on, but if you enjoy the ideas of actually doing the things you read about, then come join us.

Meet us at The Proper Kit this Saturday RSVP here. 




Neil Watson

Editor At Large