Yes, I have Baggage

It all started with a question: how do I fit a weeks worth into carry on luggage? This is not another informational post on luggage. This is a review based on a week of rugged travel.

On our journey to the motherland of suiting, Italy, our A&H team had the challenge of packing 7 days worth of clothing (read linen shirts and one pair of jeans) and a slew of camera and filming equipment. Now, when I say challenge I mean mission impossible. Just like you, we are menswear enthusiasts. How can one go across the pond and not be as dapper as ever? Obviously I packed a suit. Simple, see my packing list:

1-   One blue suit (Isaia)     Travel in style

2-   One tie (Lanvin)

3-   Two pairs of shoes (Nike Flyknit Trainers and Carmina Uetem Loafer)

4-   Seven pairs of underwear

5-   Three  linen shirts (Loro Piana, Eton and Polo RL)

6-   Two T-shirts (Blank NTHNG, Logo NTHNG)

7-   One pair of Jeans (Dior)

Yes, a whole list consisting of seven items for seven days. How does one pack all of this and get through two plane rides and a 13 hour lay over in an airport? May I present the Tumi Vapor Continental Carry-On. Listen, we aren’t quite at the Rimowa level. So please, for you traditionalist menswear folk reading this, excuse my lack of taste.

This single piece of luggage is near indestructible. It’s actually made of 1/100th the Kevlar used on military issue bomb proof lining for light vehicles. Yes, bomb proof lining on my carry on. What use would this have you ask? Oh, nothing more than protecting my clothes from spilling all over JFK airport, when a certain someone dropped it from the top of the departures escalator. All that resulted was a small set of scratches on the front side. Cosmetic damage. The real beauty of this piece of luggage is its malleability. So much so that it made a delightful pillow and footrest in Zurich. Of course I’m forgoing the additional piece I carried with me; my Head Porter x Isa Ora backpack. Listen, it’s a backpack made for biking. It’s still a backpack. However, if you were in the market for one, I’d highly recommend spending the $600 USD as you, just like I, will get stares from every Japanese man woman and child in a 4 meter radius. It’s pretty awesome.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large