You Can Wear A Kilt


The Kilt ‘trend’, if we can even call it that, seems inaccessible. Kanye can rock a Givenchy leather kilt because, well- he’s Kanye, for that same reason he can don a Yeti mask and nobody will question his sanity; it’s his art. But just as you’re not seeing the sprezzarati of menswear pretend-smoking outside trade-shows and catwalk shows in their Yeti masks, neither are we seeing them in kilts. Except for the Goth-ninjas. But then again if you happen to be a Goth-ninja-sympathizer you are probably not on this website on purpose.

My point is that this confuses me. Obviously we cannot copy Kanye or Theophilus London, one because it’s swagger-jacking and two because we don’t rap. We can, however, still bring kilts into our wardrobe. Here in Scotland, each family has their own tartan, but thanks to the new RTW collection from 21st Century Kilts we can rock the look without the lineage – menswear rogues.


(Photo Credit- Stuart McClay shot for FS)



Tom W. Ayling

London Editor for A&H, Tom Ayling studies Literature in the ancient Scottish town of St Andrews and blogs on The Holy Trillity.