Contingency Agreement Deutsch

Google may provide new features or application features for services from time to time, whose use may depend on the customer`s consent to additional conditions. Die Registrierung steht unter dem Zwischenstand zwischen MF Round e.V. und der jeweiligen Partie, gem-ihren Allgemeinen Gesch-ftSbedingungen im Bereich der ausgehandelten Contingente und freien Kapazit-ten. In addition, the granting of authorisation may be subject to participation in a language or integration course, as already provided for by the FNA through an integration agreement. The share purchase agreement became final before the beginning of November 2008, after full approval by the relevant national and international supervisory authorities. The supply of digital items depends on a valid licensing agreement from PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH . After Telekom Deutschland GmbH changed its VDSL quota model, including the inclusion of a special right of termination when using other new infrastructures (NGA), the Federal Network Agency confirmed, after an agreement with the European Commission, the admissibility of this pricing model. After completing its studies and depends on the agreement of facilitators and mentors, the Rabbinical College then recommends candidates for ordination in the Jewish clergy. The authorisation to produce film and photo shoots is subject to a prior written agreement on reasonable location costs and reimbursement of the costs incurred by the Foundation.

The conclusion of the shareholders` agreement and the share purchase agreement also depended on Deutsche Telekom`s acquisition of an additional 2 per cent of the OTE shares from the market, which was completed on 17 July 2008 for a total value of EUR 0.1 billion. Topics include corporate governance codes, actions to overturn general meeting decisions that act in accordance with acquisition law, shareholder agreements and flexible financial instruments such as contingent convertible bonds. This agreement is an extension of existing cooperation under the VDSL quota model and the agreement between the two companies to link Telefénica`s mobile phone sites to Telekom Fiber. This volume deals with current and basic topics of German, Austrian and Swiss capital market law. In addition, a provisional cooperation agreement with Vodafone has been signed under the quota model. This agreement takes into account the conservative, technical and organisational conditions of the shooting and photography. On the basis of new double taxation conventions, Switzerland also undertakes, on express and reasoned request, to exchange information on a case-by-case basis with partner states, not on the basis of the existence of a tax offence. For the supply of digital items, we need a valid licensing agreement from PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH. The share purchase agreement took legal effect with the agreement of the relevant national and international supervisory authorities until the beginning of November 2008. The put II option may be exercised at market price, plus an initial premium of 20 per cent for a twelve-month period from November 10, 2009, after which it may be exercised at market prices until December 31, 2011, plus a 15 per cent premium. BNetzA confirmed the admissibility of the VDSL quota after consolidation with the European Commission, in particular the introduction of a special right of termination with regard to the use of other new infrastructures (NGA). No translations were found in the PONS dictionary.

. Vodafone will increasingly use our networks in the future and will also source VDSL and future vectoring connections.