People: Enitan Bereola

“Rurally raised, yet metropolitan minded; A casual author and somewhat of a perfectionist in all realms; Learning lessons but staying honest; Because he is shameless, he is an open book and because he is sharp, he is self-restrained; Full of emotion, but always rational. Humble, but quite often ostentatious. He comes off as a walking, talking dichotomy – which makes him just like you. ” The above statement was pulled from 2-time best selling author Enitan Bereola‘s web site. After pondering for days on end of how to introduce the gentleman to you all, I settled on the above quote because it describes him best. Enitian Bereola is just like you and I, well besides the best-selling author thing. The style and etiquette impresario, speaker, producer,  lifestyle columnist, and gentleman sat with us to talk life.

What was home life like?

Like The Cosby Show. I always thought we had such a wonderful upbringing. All families go through stuff, but my parents did an excellent job of shielding me from any nonsense and allowing me to have an amazing childhood. When I look back on it all, my childhood development had everything to do with my career path. From my mother’s background in English, to her forcing us to go to plays, operas, art classes, music festivals, libraries and just exposing us to the arts. I hated it at the time, but it later created in me a desire & hunger to be creative.

You came from such an entrepreneurial family but started off in the corporate world, why?

I see you’ve done your research! I wanted to be different. Being the youngest of the kids, I always had a slight rebellious side. I just wanted to do my own thing and be my own man. I worked in Information Technology for a while but couldn’t ignore the inevitable tug at my heart so I asked myself, “How much can this job pay me to give up on my dreams?”

So what made you want to become an author?

It was never a dream of mine to be an author. A mentor of mine suggested the book idea to me. He said my lifestyle and ideas were marketable. I would’ve never come up with the concept on my own. I’ve always had a way with words. I think it’s a mixture of the California in me and my mother’s teachings. My father also has a way with words, so it’s likely a good mix of those three things. I learned to write exactly how I talk and think.

What a change! To go from a structured corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur and author is a hard choice. How do you approach the more tough decisions in life?

Prayer. I give it all to God. I always say to myself, “When has The Lord failed you?” And my answer is always, “Never.” My faith steers me. I believe more in what I can’t see than what I can. I believe in what satisfies my soul, not just my senses. I’ve failed, but each time I do, I try to extract the lesson and move on from the pain. With God, I am everything – without God, I am nothing. He’ll do the same for you.

Pursuing passion is a road most love to take. What is the most important thing you’ve learned about going after dreams?

Never to stop. There will always be things in the way and people telling you it’s impossible. Sometimes your worst enemy will be yourself. You’ll always have to fight for your dreams. But once you get past that point, success awaits you. Keep going. Don’t stop. It ain’t easy. But so what. Anything worth having requires work.

What is success or “The Life” to you?

Impacting your life, your families and societies for the better.




Corey Knight

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