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Edition One -Risk Takers


A&H Magazine Edition 1- Risk Takers

Risk Takers are determined to succeed where others find stopping acceptable, even rational. But the mantra remains: “Either I will find away, or I will make one.” – Sir Phillip Sidney.  This magazine is a foray into lateral thinking, a collection of people who challenge convention, defy odds, and build legacies in all aspects of life. Explorers, adventurers, and dreamers all who see potential where others see limitations. This is our story. We hope to inspire yours.

This issue includes:

Write It Down:

Goals start on paper before any other action takes place. Our founding editor discusses the power of priorities and why visions need to leave the mind to become reality.

The World is in Beta:

Think of a brand you love, seriously, any brand. American Express? Cadillac? Nike? There is a single thread that runs through all of them. The name is Marcus Troy. Oh, you haven’t heard of him? Well, you have without a doubt felt his presence, you just didnt know it. And that’s the kicker.

The Stay:

Philadelphia: History, culture, cuisine, and shopping converge as we meet with locals who show hidden gems in the City of Brotherly Love.

Relationships Work:

Forever or bust. That was the motto. A decision to say we’ll do our best to make it work. Failure wasn’t an option. And when that’s off the table, you get to really see what’s inside.

Journey of One: 

Mi dispiace non parlo inglese” That’s all I heard as I walked around the train platform, desperate for some direction, for one person that spoke my language. I was lost.

The Drive Home:

 Adversity reveals character. Integrity seals it. We take you to the beginnings of A&H, with what could’ve been the end.


182 pages, Digitally-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in Canada.


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